My Story

My Story

When I was in high school in Adelaide, I struggled with the subject
English – writing was not one of my strengths. My parents kindly hired
a tutor. When I told my English teacher that I was receiving tutoring, she
cruelly responded by saying that she believed it was “too late” for me
to improve my grammar. I was unaware back then that I was actually
dyslexic. Fortunately I didn’t listen to my teacher’s negative comments
and I continued to see a tutor.

Fast-forward many years – when I published my first cookbook “Good
Food Good Life” in 2007, I sent a copy to my former English teacher and
wrote a personal note: “See it’s never too late. Happy Cooking! Rocco.”
We all have our own hurdles to overcome, but with persistence and
surrounding yourself with people who support you, anything is possible if
you choose to put the effort in.

High school for me was not the most pleasant place or time of my life. I
was bullied from the morning till the end of the school day and received
little support from my teachers. I had two choices: either sit around
feeling sorry for myself, or get motivated and find my passion. I chose
the second option and have never looked back. Fitness and healthy
cooking helped me to focus on feeling good.

We all have our different stories, and we all cope with our challenges
differently. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but one thing I know
is that we all want to feel good about ourselves inside and out. In
mastering anything new, the journey always starts with practice.
Once you start looking after your mind and body, you can take control of
your own happiness.

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