Motivation and Rituals

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It’s important to establish a healthy morning ritual, as it sets the tone for the day. It also helps re-energize, builds focus and eliminates stress caused by the chaotic morning rush


Get that body moving first thing in the morning to alleviate any back and neck pain from sleeping and to aid circulation. Stretching will not only make you feel more limber, but will also increase oxygen to your brain to make you sharper.

Healthy Smoothie

Healthy Smoothie


Being the first meal that enters our bodies, it is essential that we have a nutrient-dense breakfast that will fuel us for the day ahead. However, not everyone has time to make a sit-down breakfast.

Sometimes we need something quick to run out of the door with. That’s why smoothies are the perfect on-the-go breakfast option. Little do many know, smoothies can be packed with sugar. Much of the high sugar content can come from added sugars in juices and excess fruit. No worries, though. I’ve gathered my favorite low-sugar smoothies to share with you.

Tone your body and burn body fat!

The RoccoBand 3 pack Resistance bands set with handles:

Roccoband resistance band for Yoga and Pilates

Designed for increased comfort and increased results during exercising as well yoga and Pilates training. The brand new RoccoBand The Resistance bands with handles  includes:

  •  2  long 1.5m medium and heavy fabric resistance bands with handles in two different resistance levels
  • 1 loop non slip fabric medium-strength “booty” band
  • 1 branded carry bay
  • 1 band Band resistance class with Rocco for download

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What can the RoccoBand be used for?

  • Personal training at home or outdoors
  • Personal training at the gym
  • Resistance training with handles 
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Flexibility training
  • Strength training
  • Body posture improvement
  • Weight loss
  • and much more…


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Resistance Band Set Roccoband



Roccoband Kit 
3 resistance band with handles

Roccobnad Photography by Giorgia Maselli

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many businesses to struggle, St Kilda based personal trainer Rocco Sorace instead saw the pandemic as an opportunity.

“Before the lockdown, when I used to train clients at the gym, I noticed a lot of my clients didn’t enjoy using the traditional latex resistance bands, because they’d slip a lot, and end up snapping over time,” Rocco said.

“I decided I should develop my own resistance bands, with non-slip stitching, material, and hand grips to prevent slipping and snapping.”

When Melbourne went into lockdown last year, he saw it as “sink or swim”. As all the city’s gyms were forced to close, and he was unable to hold training sessions or teaching workplace  wellness Pilates or Yoga classes with clients, he knew he had to do something big for his business to be able to survive.

Between hosting Workplace wellness classes and personal training classes over Zoom or Teams, Rocco spent six months inventing his proprietary design, which he is currently in the process of trademarking.

 Roccobands’ first batch selling out in just five hours. Since then, the brand has continued to experience unprecedented demand.

“It’s amazing being able to live the entrepreneurial dream, even through the lockdowns we’ve had over the past year,” Rocco said.

“It can be tricky, especially when you’re dealing with the fitness industry, where and you’re competing with a lot of younger influencers and fitness fanatics on Instagram, but I really believe there’s a market for everyone, and that if you persist, and stay true to yourself and your clients, you’re going to succeed.”

Rocco believes the key to RoccoBands’ success is they are “stronger and better in quality than similar products on the market.”

“With the pandemic, more and more people are working out at home, so these bands really help them take their workouts to the next level,” Rocco said.

“They’re incredibly eco-friendly, because they’re very robust, and are not going to wear out quickly. They’re also very hand-friendly as well, so anyone can use them – even my clients with arthritis, who struggle to use traditional bands and dumbbells.”

At present, RoccoBands are sold as a 3 pack set, including 1 x 1.5 metre light fabric resistance band, 1 x 1.5 metre medium fabric resistance band with handles, and 1 x non-slip medium strength fabric loop “booty” band. Every set also comes with a branded carry bag, and three downloadable workout programs by Rocco.

They can be used at the gym, at home, or outdoors for resistance, flexibility, strength, and personal training, body posture improvement, yoga, pilates, and weight loss.

Roccoband Kit - Buy Now! 


$59.95 with 1 Live Free Band Class with Rocco

A Resistance band like no other- RoccoBand

For more information, please visit

Media contact Rocco Sorace [email protected] 

RoccoBand Resistance band Set with handles  launches three pack set

The Melbourne Storm 2021 – A Guide to Resilience

Personal trainer Rocco
workplace online fitness classes

The Melbourne Storm 2021

A guide to resilience and tapping into your motivation

Finding the inner motivation during so many lockdowns in Melbourne isn’t easy. Melbourne does have 4 seasons in a day but this storm is not so pleasant.

How to find motivation?

Tell me about it – we need to dig very deep in 2021.
It’s 5 am and I’m writing my thoughts, In Melbourne and it’s our sixth lockdown since 2020.

Yes we are all f’ing over it!

What can I say… yes, we are all feeling flat, disheartened and f…….. drained this time ’round. Excuse my French but I decided to keep this real and 2021 has made me swear my than usual. 🙂

My clients have double stress, trying to work and home school and trying to be a good parent. It must be tough.
My single friends may feel disconnected and have given up on Melbourne and I completely understand.
Small businesses don’t know who to turn to in order for their business to survive. Finance stress is a big factor too.

The emotional toll on kids who are feeling the uneasy energy of the world. We need an injection of nice thoughts into them ASAP.

Here’s an idea plot: 

I know it’s a lot to take in and I feel the same way sometimes.

How can we beat the lockdown blues, then?

I have worked my arse off for 18 years building a fitness business and literally overnight with one day’s notice I had to change my business model to survive. Families and friends are separated due to the lockdown and the list goes on and on. NEVER DID I THINK IN MY LIFETIME I WASN’T ALLOWED TO VISIT MY MUM IN ADELAIDE OR MY PARTNER VISITING HIS FOLKS IN NORWAY. SO MANY STORIES and people are in the same boat.
Well, life has been like an uneasy storm for the past 18 months, especially in Melbourne.

It feels like you lift yourself up when lockdown eases and a huge wave brings you down and you are trying to swim each day and not sink.

“When is the article going to say something uplifting?” you think? I know. I’m trying …. 🙂 But if anyone that knows me.. I’m real and sometimes you need to rip off the bandage in order to feel good again.

What can you do to help YOURSELF?

I have a few simple tips.

I know this sounds simple but just do it. Trust me.

Get some fresh air and exercise. Make it your goal. It may be a lot more difficult with young children but try at least 10 minutes here and there.

Exercise is very important to help try to change your mindset into a calm and positive one.
As a trainer, I still sometimes find it hard to dig up my motivation but I know I will be a lot better if I keep moving, and guess what, I always do.

Why don’t you join one of my zoom classes? 🙂

Avoid those press conferences – no need to listen, get the facts later. Don’t inject an hour of your time of negative energy. You’re better off gardening to be honest – which brings you joy.
Or listen to your favourite playlist!

Think of 3 things each morning you are grateful for and 3 things before you go to bed – I’m sure there are more than 3 things in your life you’re grateful for but it’s a positive start.
Keep moving forward and delete the news feeds on your phone and social media. – It’s easy to deactivate the notifications.

Detox your news feed. Everyone has an opinion and everyone is a so-called “expert”. Stick to the facts and find an activity or tv show that brings your joy, not anxiety.

Try not to overthink. 🤔
Know that this too will pass and accept that on some days you are going to feel flat. Try to remember that there are other people in other parts of the world who are doing it really tough, but don’t feel guilty because your down moments mean something too. Don’t get caught up in your own thoughts too much… Try to go for your daily exercise and look up something on YouTube that will make you laugh. Laughter is the best medicine!

WE WILL GET OVER THIS MELBOURNE/WORLD! BE STRONG AND WE WILL ALL GO BACK TO COMPLAINING THAT OUR COFFEE IS NOT RIGHT OR YOU CAN’T GET INTO TO YOUR FAVOURITE RESTAURANT. Or you are feeling jet-lagged. Give me jet lag now please… 🙂 Don’t forget your sense of humour. Trust me, it’s helped me more than you can imagine!
Enjoy the new wellness journey and maybe I can see you in my live online pilates or strength band classes soon.

X Rocco


If anything in the article has brought anything up, please remember that you can contact always contact Life line or Beyond Blue. Look after yourself!

Running in Lockdown

How running helped my mental health during lockdown 2020

April 2020: I was sitting in my apartment in St Kilda, feeling that I should have purchased a larger home with a backyard but the problem wasn’t the size of my home or lack of yard, it was my mind putting up barriers – negativity – watching the news and listening to other media outlets or people only talking a lot about COVID-19. It felt like just verbal negative vomit…

I get it. You need to be informed on what’s going on in the world especially now – especially if you have a business or small children or older parents – or family interstate or overseas – it’s important – I know – but reading or listening to the same thing over and over again was not doing my mental health any good. I knew the size of my home wasn’t the problem because I love my area and apt because I feel connected, amazing people and vibe even now…

I know people in Melbourne who have large backyards but they didn’t seem that happy either and it is quite understandable during 2020 in these unpredictable times. Everyone is wired differently and people process things differently – I get that. So, I knew it wasn’t in the home, it was my mindset.

I’m a runner but not a long-distance runner by any means. I know this may sound lame but I was watching a movie on a Saturday night called “Britney runs a marathon” based on a real-life story, which inspired me. So the next day I decided to increase my 6 km run to a 10 km – I felt so good post-run, it just kept on increasing my kms – every week – slowly and step by step. One of my friends suggested that I get a fitness tracker so that I can keep track of how much I run each day. If you’re interested in one, make sure to read the Fitbit sense specifications for a more in-depth understanding of the product.

I stopped watching the morning news all the time and started focusing on my online zoom fitness business and my healthy and positive energy was helping me and my business – people were joining up and one beautiful Friday afternoon – I decided to run to the Botanic Gardens near the city – it is with my zone. I couldn’t believe the freedom it gave me within… looking at the beautiful buildings and smelling the spring blossoms… I completed my initial 14 km. I hadn’t run that far for 10 years.

I felt strong and energetic. And I still do!

The next week it was a beautiful Monday in Melbourne and started running to the Tan, the most popular and beautiful running track in Melbourne. I said to myself, it’s a nice day, why not run some kms and posted on my Instagram and Facebook that I just decided to run a half a marathon. If someone told me in February to run 21km in under two hours, I would have said “no way”.

To be honest, the reason why I post so many selfies or videos is to make myself accountable and as a small business owner it does help my brand. Small businesses don’t have huge funds for a marketing budget – and it’s good to practice what you preach… True?

I completed my first half marathon at age 44 – under two hours! Happy days! I still continue my half marathons every week and other smalls runs during the week and am loving it.

During this lockdown, I’ve continued to motivate and help my clients online with my Zoom fitness classes, and to be honest, it’s the same workout as it would be in the studio, but I’m saving them and myself time driving, finding a park, etc. As long as they have a good internet connection they’ll be able to take part. If they don’t, then they may want to check out some suddenlink internet plans or ones like it, because we do not know how long we’ll be in lockdown and our internet will certainly be our saving grace on those bad days.

It’s a win-win I have two screens set up so I can see all my clients and I tailor instruct each client to suit their fitness level or injuries, they take them into account themselves, too. For example if they have sore elbows, they use some of the Top Elbow Pressure Sleeve for Elbow Pain, to make sure they reduce the risk of further injury. I do much less rigorous sessions on them to ensure this too. Nothing can stop them!

During the lockdown I think the running also helped me open up another side of me, which my close friends, who know me well, already knew I had inside of me since childhood…

I decided to start a little comedy video show on Instagram – at first, it was a private account but I keep on receiving messages from people that the videos was the only laugh that they had that day, so I guess I got a little addicted to putting on a wig and during my runs I would smile to myself and think of a 2-minute skit for my video and post it.

Some people who may have been in a dark spot may think I am crazy or really don’t get my sense of humour and that’s cool – it’s not for everyone. I understand.

Sometimes people are afraid to open up their different sides to themselves or to others because they value too much what people think about them. They get too focused on material things and other people to make them happy. However, what 2020 has taught me is – it’s all up to you to feel good about yourself and I know health & fitness is a good way to start as well as not taking yourself too seriously… Who am I kidding – I’ve been following that way of life most of my life, having a laugh, not obsessing about the news, waking up and seeing the beautiful world as it is, if you allow your mind and eyes to see it.

P.S. Not everyone likes running or it may not be good for your knees, so try walking or bike riding instead.

See you soon – and remember to find something or a YouTube video that makes you laugh – it’s good for you!

Remember, if you would like to see some of my videos on Instagram, check out my “other side” – @Caterinafrombayside

Or if you would like to join my Zoom Pilates, resistance band, or Yogalates classes, register here today.

I also recommend the running app Runkeeper. It really helped keep me motivated and on track.

Stay healthy and fit in 2021!

Order my The Rocco Band pack


Rocco x

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Working from home stretching tips

Workplace Fitness via Zoom

The right posture to sit in while working from home … Bad posture puts stress on the spine, muscles and bones, causing pain and weakness.



Free Pilates workout by the Sea!


A workstation starts with a good desk, and sometimes that means one that can convert into a standing desk so that you‘re not sitting all day.

Sitting all day can be bad news for your health — here’s what you can do . Click Podcast below.

Why not try a workplace Virtual live Pilates or stretch lunch time class for your team.

Roccos Pilates classes are live Zoom

Join me and my clients for Semi Dry July – Post ISO Detox!

Been overindulging in ISO? Have you been over eating and drinking ?

Well it’s what my partner and I have been doing for doing semi dry July for many years. Every August we fly to Norway and Spain for the European summer. Unfortunately this year because of COVID19 we are not heading overseas but Semi Dry July has not been cancelled. 🙂

Tips for Semi Dry July

  • Say goodbye to the booze for 6 day a week for one Month (and hello to a Sunday morning).
  • Start and finish each day with a big glass of warm water and lemon juice.
  • One Cheat night per week. Don’t go crazy and and over eat on your cheat night.
  • Dedicate 28 minutes a day to exercise.
  • Start my Zoom Pilates classes
  • Download my Personal Trainer 10 min workout videos.
  • Get organised and discover the brilliance of market shopping.
  • Try 2 new recipes per week from my Cookbook.
  • Get a money glass.
  • Ask your mates to come onboard.
  • Start a good book or gardening ( herb garden)
Low Carb meal.
Semi Dry July

4 Tips to Keep Fit During Isolation

I’m here for you:)


I’m here for you. Happy Training Rocco

Social distancing or self-isolating continues. Here are some tips for staying fit and healthy — both in mind and body

Tip 1. Home Fitness Program. Stick to your home workout routine

Roccos Pilates classes are live Zoom


Rocco Sorace is now offering live Zoom pilates classes only$10 pp

Top Ten Home exercises – 30 seconds intervals by 4 rounds – Home resistance 20 minutes program – 3 times a week

Basic Squats  30 seconds

Chair Tricep dips 30 seconds

Plank 30 seconds

Sit ups 30 seconds

Wide squats 30 seconds

Pointer 30 seconds 

Side Plank 30 seconds

Side Plank on the other side 30 seconds

Lunges 30 seconds

Static yoga Squat hold 30 seconds

 Repeat  4 rounds.

Remember to use my stretch download after this workout. link

Tip 2. Head outside. Try walking or jogging in the back streets were is it less busy.

Aim for your daily 10,000 steps per day. 

If you are starting to run, please check my link how the running best techniques to prevent injuries.

Tip 3.Try online fitness classes or live Zoom Pilates .Checkout my own YouTube link.

Tip 4. Remember to maintain your healthy eating plan and watch your diet and limit your alcohol consumption. My tip! No alcohol from Monday till Thursday and watch the body fat drop off your belly.  

Eat the right foods at the right times to help manage and reduce stress. This will keep your metabolism ticking over all day and you will minimize peaks and troughs in energy … You should aim to reduce your intake of alcohol, sugar and salt. Good luck and check out my Zoom classes

How to Lose 5 Kilos

How I lost 5 kgs before my European holiday

On the 24th of June, I decided to design my own style of Detox. For my four-week Detox, I didn’t drink any alcohol, increased my weekly cardio/resistance training and added extra yoga stretches.

Good news! I ate bread every morning!

That’s right… you heard me right 🙂

Adding spelt bread to your regular diet won’t magically result in weight loss, but eating it in place of other high-fat, less nutritious foods might help. Spelt is a nutty-flavoured whole-grain related to the durum wheat in whole-wheat bread. The ground spelt in spelt bread is rich in vitamins and minerals and has more fibre, protein and unsaturated fatty acids per serving than whole-wheat flour. To swap spelt flour for regular flour in a bread recipe, use the same amount of flour called for but decrease added liquids by 10 percent to 15 percent.

Eat Spelt Instead of Refined Carbohydrates

Choose spelt bread, not white bread, for your morning toast with low fat ricotta cheese and slice strawberries.

Choose spelt bread, not white bread, for your morning toast or afternoon sandwich, and swap the regular pasta or white rice at dinner for a roll made from whole-grain spelt flour.

High-fibre foods like spelt can help you feel fuller longer, leading you to consume fewer calories and possibly lose weight, says the National Institutes of Health. By contrast, the refined carbohydrates in white flour and white rice cause spikes and drops in your blood sugar that can leave you feeling hungry and craving more food.

My Top Five Tips for my 4 Week Detox

1.Research and find a healthy local bakery that bakes fresh spelt bread. Most mornings, have two or one slices of Spelt bread with ricotta cheese topped with strawberries. It’s important not to purchase processed bread from the supermarket.

2. Make the decision not to drink for 4 weeks and stick to it! The first 8 days may be difficult but trust me, once you stop drinking your body and skin will start to look healthier not to mention waking up feeling great and younger.

3. Follow my recipes from my e-Cookbook Eat Your Way Slim for lunch and dinner.

4. Follow my 5.3.2 training. The program helped me lose body fat and increase lean muscle.

  • 5 cardio sessions
  • 3 resistance training.
  • 2 Pilates/yoga sessions. Down load my program now! Link below.

5. Drink Qi organic white tea instead of coffee and 8 glasses of water per day.

drink white tea
Good luck and happy detoxing.

Rocco 🙂

A New Year, A New Body: The Complete 12 Week Body Transformation Program

Let’s make this year, your healthy and wellness year.


Like most around the globe, you probably plan to shed a few kgs as part of a New Years Resolution. Unfortunately, like most, you’re probably setting yourself up for failure. Get started right with my 12 week program to ensure that you finally get the body you want this New Year.


The 12 Week Challenge

As part of the St Kilda 12 Week Mind Body Challenge you will receive a Complete Starter Kit Booklet to guide and motivate you through your 12 week Mind/body Challenge.

This Booklet Consists of:

  • Fitness Program which details weight strength
  • training/cardio exercises tailored to your needs
  • Easy eating plan with recipes ideas.
  • Motivational tips
  • Food facts
  • Exercise facts


“Highly recommend if you are looking to invest in your health and wellbeing – Rocco covers everything from fitness training to what you eat to how you build changes into your everyday life, so that you can achieve your goals and sustain them! Check it out!HR Manager Tamara


“Very enjoyable and a great alternative to sitting at your desk!!
Yoga helps improve muscular and postural strength which is ideal when working in this environment.
Vita’s instructors relaxed approach and enjoyable sessions make it a great way to spend your lunch break on a Friday afternoon.” Alana HR

12 Week Mind Body Challenge Package

This Program includes:

  • 12 PERSONAL TRAINING sessions. Each session is 45 minuntes.

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Train with a Buddy and Save!  Only $35 pp each session*
Save $250  Only $420 per person for 12 weeks.

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