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Well done Kent on completing your 12 weeks challenge
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“Highly recommend Rocco Sorace as a Online Personal Trainer in St Kilda, if you are looking to invest in your health and wellbeing – Rocco covers everything from fitness training to what you eat to how you build changes into your everyday life, so that you can achieve your goals and sustain them! Check it out!HR Manager Tamara

 Online Personal Training is a fast growing service because it caters for individuals who are time poor and who need to maximize their daily routines. Personal Trainers not only provide an individualized fitness regime they provide incentives and motivation to clients so that their personal health goals are met.

St Kilda Online Personal Trainers design specific, step-by-step programs for their clients that are intended to work into fitness gradually, without injury. St Kilda Personal trainers provide services to a range of people who are interested in improving their quality of life. These clients include working mothers, business and corporate clients as well as athletes. In conclusion, Personal Trainers assist clients with sport\ or individualised programs in order to ensure correct body posture, effective use of exercise equipment, staged strength building and muscle gain.

St Kilda Online Personal Trainers work with the client to meet their specific goals as well as improving personal performances

Personal Trainer in St Kilda
Personal Trainer in St Kilda

12 Week Challenge

As part of the St Kilda 12 Week Mind Body Challenge you will receive a Complete Starter Kit Booklet to guide and In addition, motivate you through your 12 week Mind/body Challenge.

This Booklet Consists of:

  • Fitness Program which details weight strength
  • training/cardio exercises tailored to your needs
  • Easy eating plan with recipes ideas.
  • Motivational tips
  • Food facts
  • Exercise facts

12 Week Online Mind Body Challenge Package

This Program includes:

  • Online Live 12 PERSONAL TRAINING sessions. Each session is 45 minuntes.
Well done Louise losing 12kgs in 12 weeks!
Mobile Personal Trainer in St Kilda

Special Offer!
Train with a Buddy and Save!  Only $45 pp each session*
Save $250  

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