Reasons why I started working out outside

Reasons why I started working out outside.

The days are getting longer and the mornings are warmer and the last thing you want to do is head to the gym for a workout on a beautiful day. With a little creativity and imagination you can replicate almost any gym exercise outside. As long as you have the right gym equipment to complete your workout, you’ll see that working out away from the indoors can be a much more liberating experience.

There is quantifiable research suggesting that outdoor exercise provides greater benefits than sweating indoors. In one study, the researchers found that exercising outdoors “was associated with greater feelings of revitalization, increased energy and positive engagement, together with decreases in tension, confusion, anger and depression. Participants also reported greater enjoyment and satisfaction with outdoor activity.”

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Exercising outdoors provides an opportunity to be physically active in a constantly changing environment. Cardio machines in the gym can provide numerous benefits, but doing the same movement pattern over and over again could potentially cause an overuse injury. Walking, hiking or running on terrain that is constantly changing teaches the body how to adapt to a changing environment. In addition, a constantly changing surface can enhance the strength of your connective tissue, which may help you avoid certain injuries.

1. Wind resistance can help you burn more calories. When running or cycling outdoors, you may have to deal with the wind, which can offer natural resistance. A strong headwind can help you burn more calories, as you have to work harder to overcome the resistance. A good tailwind can help you move a little faster, which activates the larger type II muscle fibers responsible for strength and definition. Tempted to give outdoor cycling a try for yourself? You can pick up a standard bike from many retailers, but if you’re new to the sport and feel like you need a little bit of extra support, why not take a look at to find an electric bike shop dealer near you. These are pedal-assisted which means they will be able to give you a little boost when it comes to uphill cycling. Of course, if you do not already own a bicycle and also don’t want to buy one, then do not worry, as there are plenty of bike rental facilities out there where you can borrow a bicycle. You can learn more about renting a bicycle and discover some suggested cycling routes in Hilton Head here:

2. Exercising outdoors is a great way to save money. There are many benefits of going to a gym or fitness studio, but if you need to manage your expenses, exercising outdoors is one option to save a few dollars. While going to a gym or studio can provide extra motivation to train, if you have strong drive and motivation to reach your fitness goals, then exercising outdoors might be a good money-saving option.

3. Using your local park, running on a nearby trail or simply walking around your neighborhood are all great ways to meet your neighbors. While exercise can enhance your physical health, being connected with your community and having a number of positive relationships can help improve your mental health as well. Put your phone down or close your laptop and go outside and move around in your community to enhance your real-life social network.

4. Going outdoors gives you the opportunity to turn your exercise time into family time. There is nothing wrong with dropping your kids off at the daycare to take your favorite group fitness class, but it’s also important to exercise with your kids and show them that physical activity can be fun. Playing at the playground, going for a hike, riding bikes or playing a sport are a few ways to be active with your kids. It is also the perfect opportunity to introduce them to new and different sports that they may have never come across before, like lacrosse. If you’re going to do this though, make sure that you have all of the equipment needed to play the game, like this lacrosse mesh from StringKing ( as you won’t be able to have a good workout otherwise. But it’s a great chance to learn something new whilst getting fit at the same time. That being said, playing at a park together might not be as good a workout as your favorite circuit class, but chasing your kids around and climbing the playground equipment can help you build up a good sweat.

So, the next time it’s an absolutely gorgeous day outside and you’re dreading being stuck in a busy gym, take your workout outside instead.

Your local Personal Trainer will design a program and demonstrate how to use your local outdoor gym equipment.