eBook – Eat Your Way Slim Lose up to 5 kgs in 5 weeks

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Eat your way Slim Lose up to 5 kgs in 5 weeks Rocco Sorace Australian based inspirational pilates and fitness trainer, as well as DVD presenter is proud to announce the launch of his newest endeavour, which is his second cook book “Slim Food”. Eat your way Slim accompanies Rocco’s successful fitness DVD range with the aim of helping people understand that healthy eating can be convenient, simple and most importantly taste great. In fact Eat your your way Slim explores a diverse range of recipes that are easy and quick Rocco states that “being healthy is a lifestyle choice that involves the way you think, eat, shop and treat your mind and body. It’s about getting the connection between all aspects of your life right.” Growing up in a Australia with Italian parents, Rocco experience how important the good fresh food is and more importantly how food is the centre that brings family and friends together. He acknowledges that healthy eating may seem hard but there are great products available such as SlendierSlim pasta and noodles that can assist in maintaining your health. In fact Rocco has incorporated the SlendierSlim range in his cook book as it is a low calorie and low carb pasta, rice and noodles made from an ancient Asian root vegetable called Konjac. SlendierSlim helped Rocco lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks, which he needed to do as he was filming his 5th DVD, The Body Transformation Program. The key to everything is moderation and to choose a variety of foods when cooking your healthy recipes, not to mention exercise. You only have one life and one body.. So Enjoy it and start feeling good about yourself inside and out. Happy cooking, Rocco


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