Download Your Personal Trainer at Home with a bonus Pilates/meditation session

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 Rocco is a well known fitness and lifestyle trainer who aims to help men and women of all ages get fit, in their own home with his newest fitness workout program.

He will guide you to tone the body, lose body fat and increase fitness and energy levels which will decrease your stress levels. Your Personal Trainer at Home has been created for you to achieve your fitness goals in the convenience of your own home to get you feeling fit and happy. His sort after program has been created to fit into your busy life

There are four sections to the program, which can be split into five days or can be done all at once. The program consists of: A 10 minute fat burner butt and thigh workout to lengthen and tone your lower body and burn calories A 10 minute upper body workout targeting your triceps, biceps and your back to improve posture A 10 minute interval cardio increasing your heart rate and fitness level Ending with a 30 minute super abdominal workout with fitness pilates which will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and core. The workout ends with a blissful relaxation which helps relieve stress and boost feelings of wellbeing.¬† Checkout Rocco’s vegan meatloaf recipe click link below.




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