Join me and my clients for Semi Dry July – Post ISO Detox!

Been overindulging in ISO? Have you been over eating and drinking ?

Well it’s what my partner and I have been doing for doing semi dry July for many years. Every August we fly to Norway and Spain for the European summer. Unfortunately this year because of COVID19 we are not heading overseas but Semi Dry July has not been cancelled. 🙂

Tips for Semi Dry July

  • Say goodbye to the booze for 6 day a week for one Month (and hello to a Sunday morning).
  • Start and finish each day with a big glass of warm water and lemon juice.
  • One Cheat night per week. Don’t go crazy and and over eat on your cheat night.
  • Dedicate 28 minutes a day to exercise.
  • Start my Zoom Pilates classes
  • Download my Personal Trainer 10 min workout videos.
  • Get organised and discover the brilliance of market shopping.
  • Try 2 new recipes per week from my Cookbook.
  • Get a money glass.
  • Ask your mates to come onboard.
  • Start a good book or gardening ( herb garden)
Low Carb meal.
Semi Dry July

12 Week Vita Challenge

Kayla lost 20 kgs in 12 weeks!

The team from Vita health and Fitness are proud of you.

No matter how old or young you are – changing old unhealthy habits can be difficult but with determination and switching your mindset you can change to make the first step in improving your life.


Before and After

  1. Cut Back on Bread. …
  2. Stop Drinking Fruit Juice.
  3. Choose Low-Carb Snacks.
  4. Eat Eggs or Other Low-Carb Breakfast Foods.
  5. Use These Sweeteners Instead of Sugar.
  6. Ask for Veggies Instead of Potatoes or Bread at Restaurants.


Well done Kayla!

Download load my online practical weight loss program!

Three Tips Kayla followed to help achieve results:

  1. Drink 2 litres of water! Drinking water helps boost your metabolism, cleanse your body of waste, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra kg of water weight.
  2. Cut Carbs and Sugars! Enjoy recipes from Rocco’s cookbook.
  3. Eliminate Sugar-Sweetened Drinks.

Find a Training buddy! Start moving… A good workout partner can also encourage you to go harder while you exercise. If you’re lifting weights together, you can keep each other focused on pushing your limits.

Rocco Sorace, author of the low-carb cookbook “Eat Your Way Slim”, has also created and presented several fitness DVDs such as “The Body transformation program and fitness Pilates which allows everyone to get fit and healthy in the convenience of their home.

To find out more about Rocco Sorace’s training program and weight loss cookbook and fitness DVDs visit

3 Healthy Transformation Tips That Actually Work!

Kayla transformed her mind and body in 12 weeks.

Check the following tips that worked for my clients and myself.

Tip 1. Morning tummy cleanse routine: Celery juice!. Drink first thing in the morning… wait 15 minutes then eat your breakfast. Stop drinking flat whites and, lattes. Instead try black coffee or a mini latte.

I prepare my celery juice on Sunday evening for the working 5 day week. I have the weekend off from celery juice. It’s all about the balance. Some weeks I have a break from celery juice… so I don’t get sick of the routine and taste 🙂

Celery juice is a great internal cleanser and detoxifier for your body. Highly alkalising and hydrating, many nutrients in freshly juiced celery are particularly cleansing for your kidneys.

Raw celery juice is as essential ingredient are even recommended for treating kidney stones. It can also be a powerful diuretic for removing excess water weight from your body and flushing out toxins more effectively.

Tip 2. Swap White Rice and Pasta. Swapping means feel like you’re not missing out on the good things in life!

Low carb pasta

Rice – cauliflower rice – Coles have a pre made cauliflower rice and often on sale for only $1.50 – so I just purchase 5 packs and freeze them.

Rice and zucchini pasta

Pasta – Low carb pasta or zucchini pasta.

Tip 3. Swap to Low Carb Bread

This Aldi Low Carb Bread, which is 85% Lower Carb, Higher Protein, and Low GI compared to “Bakers Life Soy and Linseed Bread”

Good luck! Hope any of this helps!

Low carb bread

More tips ….

  • Avoid processed grains (bread, bagels, sandwiches and the like)
  • Avoid liquid calories: sodas, diet drinks etc. Drink green tea, water and plain black coffee instead
  • Forget about Fat-free, Zero-Calorie and ‘Franken-food’ products – in some cases these are even worse than the processed sugar-filled products: disrupting hormones, bloating you up etc.
  • Skip on ketchup, salad dressing, sauces etc – all refined sugar and ‘syrup’ based products. Even if it says sugar free – it is filled with sugar alcohols (see previous point)
Vita 5 Week Challenge
The Vita 5 Week Challenge. Join Now!

Why drink Celery Juice in morning?

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Flatten your Tummy Fast with Morning Celery juice.

Recommended drinking 400ml of celery juice on an empty stomach, ideally, first thing in the morning and 15 minutes before you eat any food for 7 days. After the 7 days you may want to reduce drinking the juice twice a week. Remember! It’s all about the balance and everything in moderation when its come to healthy living!
Tip! If using a blender or bullet, you should add a little bit of water to help the blades spin.

The health benefits of celery juice are many and are often mistakenly glossed over when it comes to considering healthy vegetables and fruits. I always get a kick out of it when I hear someone say that celery is nothing but a bunch of water.

The amazing health benefits of celery juice extend into many areas of nutrition and make this vegetable an extremely important part of a healthy diet!

Drink cerley juice helps Reduce Inflammation in Your Body. Inflammatory diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis and Lower Blood Pressure and Improved Cardiovascular Health. 

How much sugar is in your breakfast?

Breaky is the meal we spend the least time planning and eating, yet it is so important, kick-starting our metabolism.

Bread with jam. Sugary cereal and milk with a glass of juice. Banana bread and a latte with sugar. If you ate any of these combinations for breakfast, chances are you were hungry a few hours later, craving sugar and increasing the risk of adding extra calories to your diet.

Did you know…

“Can you believe that half a glass of juice contains as many calories as a piece of fruit without the dietary fiber usually. It doesn’t fill you up as well as a piece of fruit.”

I’m very visual… so have a look at the images below to help make you make the correct food choices in the mornings. 

So how much exercise I need to do after consuming a high-sugar breakfast to burn it off?

Bad Breaky Sample – people still think this is a healthy way to start their day, believe it or not. 

Orange juice — 6 teaspoons of sugar

Coffee with milk and sugar — 2 teaspoons 

Gluten free cereal — 4.5 teaspoons of sugar

Fruit yogurt — 5 teaspoons of sugar 

17.5 teaspoons of sugar = 30 mins jog or One hour power walking just to burn of breakfast. 

Healthy Breakfast ideas:


Smoothies can be a great breakfast option as long as you get the right mix of ingredients to avoid a complete calorie overload. Start with some fruit and vegetables, add your favourite milk and then remember that you need one other high-protein ingredient to make it a balanced meal — thick Greek yogurt or protein powder.


Fruit yoghurt offers some protein and calcium but in many cases it also offers 20-30g of sugars and less than half the protein of a couple of eggs. If you love your yoghurt, the best option is a Greek-style yoghurt, in particular the ones that contain no added sugar and clock in at almost 20g of protein in a single serve. Or if you are really serious, you could try quark — a Swedish spin on yoghurt that naturally increases the protein content by three times, with just 1 per cent.


Whether you enjoy them hard-boiled, poached with a slice or two of wholegrain toast or in an omelet, it is the 16-plus grams of protein found in a couple of eggs along with more than 20 other key nutrients that truly make them a superfood. When it comes to weight loss, it is known that consuming 20g of high-quality protein helps to control insulin levels, the hormone that controls fat metabolism in the body, and this is just one of the reasons eggs for breakfast are so closely linked to weight control.

OATS for more active people 

If you enjoy eating cooked oatmeal, a cup will have 166 calories, about 6 grams of protein, not quite 4 grams of fat and 28 grams of carbohydrates. … Mixing a 1/2-cup serving of uncooked oats with other foods, such as yogurt and berries will give you a more balanced breakfast while providing a reasonable level of calories.

Warning! Very important 

It’s easy to eat too much oats and yoghurt, even other healthy foods. But if you keep in mind your portion control and follow the recommend serving size every morning you can enjoy your healthy breaky. 

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Kind Regards,

Rocco Sorace.


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Flat Stomach Fast…

Flat Stomach Fast…

If you want to prepare yourself for the summer or just want to always look good no matter the season, follow our simple and basic 5 tips for a flat stomach. You won’t believe how some easy things to do and some simple routines to keep impact your body in a powerful way. You won’t look just good, but you will also be healthy, which is very important.

1. Drink lots of water
Water is very important for hydration of our body and for cleaning the toxins out of it. Specialists say that you need around 8 glasses of water per day (that is almost 2 liters). Besides hydration, it helps with burning the excess fat of and you won’t be tempted to overeat, as drinking lots of water helps you feel full.

2. Don’t overeat
Maybe you have a busy life and you barely have time to eat, and when you get to it you overeat from hunger. Put yourself on the first place and no matter what is happening in your life try to eat around 5 small meals per day. Even snaking from time to time can be good, but be careful what you take in, avoid simple carbohydrates. Our body needs vitamins and minerals and also proteins as eggs, meat and fish.

3. Run, exercise and walk when you can
Even if you can’t go to the gym, go out and run! Run 15-20 minutes per day, do some stretching, breathe some fresh air. If you don’t have ambition, take a friend with you, you’ll have fun and they’ll thank you too. Don’t forget to walk when you can, don’t take the car to go just 1 kilometer with it to visit your friend. The abs in the picture below are also a very good idea

4. Eat healthy
Take white flour out of your diet, eat more whole grain products. Avoid unhealthy sugary drinks and beers. Eat cucumbers, do an easy detox diet, drink lemon water and take the fast food and sweets out from your diet.

5. Be happier
The last tip is to be happy and laugh from the depth of your heart and stomach. Be positive and you will change the way you see life, enjoy family and friends and find good things in the worst situations. Laugh with passion, laugh hard from your stomach and you will enjoy an awesome life and a flat stomach!


Due to the sedentary nature of many occupations in developed countries, many people now lack physical activity in their everyday work. According to McEachan, Lawton et al. (2008) this lack of physical activity can lead to work-related illness and prolonged recovery as well as increased morbidity and mortality. However, they also highlight that the workplace can be an ideal setting for health promotion as the majority of adults spend approximately 8 hours a day at their workplace, offering an efficient way to engage people in physical activities.
Workplace physical activity initiatives are a good investment as employees’ health is directly related to the costs of sick leave and absenteeism. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) workplace physical activity programs can reduce sick leave by up to 32% and increase productivity by up to 52%. Poor employee health and absenteeism is costing Australian businesses 7 billion dollars annually (Medibank Private, 2005). Active workplaces are seen as being more socially responsible and improve corporate image


Happy client

Pilates is very enjoyable and a great alternative to sitting at your desk!!

Pilates helps improve muscular and postural strength which is ideal when working in this environment.

Rocco’s relaxed approach and enjoyable sessions make it a great way to spend your lunch break on a Monday afternoon.


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