5 Tips to Lose Body Fat and gain inner Happiness After 30

After 30 the metabolism slows down, so you need to be mindful about the amount and quantity of food you eat.

At the same time, the 30s and 40s are typically the years when career and family demands are high, which means less hours for exercise and maintaining a healthy eating plan. With no time to prepare healthy meals, it becomes tough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although if you are concerned about nutritious food, you might want to check out online food delivery services like Meal Prep (who are known to offer services like meal prep delivery uk). From choosing a plan type to the food preference, and everything in between, such services can prove beneficial for anyone who desires a nutritious diet but doesn’t have the time to make it himself/herself.

Being healthly at any age, is a lifestyle choice that involves the way you think, eat, shop, and treat your mind and body. It’s about getting the connection between all aspects of your life right.”

While growing up, I experienced how important good fresh food is and how food is the nucleus that brings family and friends together.

So is it impossible for a men woman in there 30s and 40s to lose body fat? Absolutely not! It just takes smart planning and organisation.

Use these tips specifically tailored to address the unique challenges you face when you try to slim down at 30 and beyond.


I can’t stress enough that when you are trying to achieve any goal, you must change your mindset.

Keep in mind that everyone has a unique natural body shape, and as you become healthier, yours will change differently than someone else’s. The first few weeks you may not see a change on the scale, but that may mean you have reduced body fat while building lean muscle. Remember muscle weighs more than fat. Compare you to you.

A good indication to measure your results is to try a pair of your favourite jeans that may be a little tight. After a few weeks, those jeans should fit more comfortably regardless of the number on the scale – that is, if you have followed your cardio and healthy eating plan.

Even if you haven’t followed your new healthy lifestyle to the letter, don’t be too hard on yourself; if you get off the fitness wagon that just means you have to get back on.
2. Plan and reorganise your fridge and pantry.

Reorganise your fridge and pantry, purging guilty-pleasure foods so you don’t fall back into bad habits. Check out my 60 easy recipes from my E cookbook Eat your way Slim.

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Try a 5 day alcohol-free detox too. Your body will thank you for it. Alcohol has been implicated as a factor that may hinder your efforts to lose body fat. It suppresses fat oxidation, but mainly, alcohol adds calories into your diet, messes with your hormones and can stimulate appetite, leading to even more calories consumed.

3. Control your portion size?

Use a smaller dinner or snack plate so you’re likely to eat less even if you fill your plate to capacity.

Eating out

Order entrée-sized meals with a side of salad or vegetables, and eat those first to fill you up.

Avoid ‘upsizing’ your meal (at fast food outlets, for example).Share a dessert with a friend or family member, or better still, avoid dessert altogether.

When NOT to go food shopping.

Avoid shopping when you are hungry. You may find foods in your trolley that you wouldn’t normally buy.

4. Learn to manage stress.

Our 30s may be the most stressful time in your life. Babies, job stress, and relationship issues can keep you awake at night. But those challenges can cause problems if they are not addressed. Try to relax. You can try cannabis, Order Concentrates Online, or try to take some time off work to do something that you enjoy. Seek professional help if needed. “so balance in lifestyle is key.”

Busy Lifestyle Tip

These days, mediation guides can be obtained from your smartphone or iPad via YouTube. Start with 5 days, doing a mindfulness relaxation every morning and evening.

5. Choose Exercise you enjoy.

Find a supporting gym or activity buddy who will provide motivation as well as companionship. They can remind you of your goals when you’re feeling down.

However, it could become quite frustrating for those who spend hours at the gym each week and eat a healthy diet, only to find that those stubborn areas of fat aren’t responding to all of their efforts. And at the end, they opt for non-surgical body sculpting in Long Beach that target and destroy fat cells without requiring surgery. Body Sculpting is not intended to treat obesity. It removes stubborn fat from the back, arms, abdomen, legs, and other areas. Non-invasive Body Sculpting employs a variety of techniques to destroy fat cells, preventing them from storing fat in the future. It may also include heating, chemical removal, or freezing of the fat cells, and different providers of spa services tend to use different tools and techniques, and a person can pick one according to their preferences and body type.

The most common is body laser sculpting, which uses a laser to heat fat cells while another laser cools the skin. The heated cells are killed and naturally leave your body.

Anyway, you may download my Super body Tone 10 minute home workouts which might help you lose fat at home.

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Every small positive change we make in ourselves repays us in confidence in the future. – Alice Walker (1944)

Remember at the end of the day the key to unlocking your inner Happiness and Wellness;

“Watch your thoughts for they become words.

Watch your words for they become actions.

Watch your actions for they become habits.

Watch your habits for they become character.

Watch your character for they become your destiny.”

Good luck,

Rocco 🙂