How to Self-Publish your own Book

Tips on how to self-publish your own book

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By Rocco Sorace

Why I wrote a cookbook?

I have worked in the fitness industry for over ten years, watching people’s behaviour when it comes to food and exercising. I have always held a keen interest in combining healthy eating with a positive exercise routine. Publishing my own healthy lifestyle cook book was a long held dream of mine.

In my teenage years I realised that I had a strong passion for cooking. My mother’s love and passion for food made a huge difference to the way I approach food today. She taught me all the tricks of the trade, especially when it came to using fresh produce and cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

It’s not just the food that’s important, it’s the whole process of trying new recipes, growing your own produce or going to your local market and gathering the freshest ingredients you can find (not to mention, gathering friends and family together to share a meal).

I am quite lucky, having a garden full of self-grown vegetables at St Kilda’s community garden. The ‘Veg Out’ community garden is more than just a garden; it‘s a social hub, great for exchanging recipe ideas with the other gardeners.

In 2006 I decided to self-publish my first cook and lifestyle book; “Good Food Good Life”. At the time I didn’t realise how much work was involved in creating my own healthy lifestyle cookbook. Looking back, having the backing of a respected publisher might have been easier but I’m really grateful for how things have played out. Visit if you are currently on the hunt for hardcover publishing options.

So here are a few useful tips to consider if you are thinking about self-publishing:

• You will need self-motivation and a lot of passion.

• Create an idea and believe you can do it! Start telling people about it to create a buzz – this holds you accountable for finishing the book.

• Map out a plan and theme for the book. Do your market research and spend some time in the bookstores to see what covers and designs stand out from the rest.

• Source an experienced and professional photographer. First impressions are everything in this highly competitive market, your front cover should stand out. Discuss your goals with your photographer before the photoshoot.

• Many self-publishers are choosing ‘Print-On-Demand’ companies, which promise publication at low fees. You might also use services like book printing to get your book printed and delivered in as little as three days. However, be mindful if you choose a POD company, as neither bookstores nor libraries will generally buy a POD book. Also, if the deal they are offering looks too good to be true then it probably is!
• Invest in a graphic designer that understands your vision and you connect with. The front cover should be eye-catching because you are competing with a lot of other books in the same category. You want people to buy yours!

• Ensure that your book is edited by a professional. It pays to triple-check your copy. Looking professional is the key to earning the trust of your readers.

• Take on the role as a professional publisher. Nothing is more embarrassing than finding reviews of your book on Amazon that complain about typing and grammar errors in your work.

• Search for a printer that specializes in printing similar books. Digital is useful only for a very small amount of print books, such as for gifts or a book launch party – if you plan to sell e-books.

• Think about publishing your books in a variety of different formats when the time is right. For example, printing a wire-bound book, from somewhere like Printivity, ( is becoming increasingly popular amongst authors of cookbooks and it could help to drive your sales forward in the long run too. But of course, getting your book printed first should be your first priority.

• Buy an ISBN barcode number. ISBN is the International Standard Book Number and every book sold in bookstores, and at most online retailers, must have an ISBN. They are the global standard for identifying titles and are used worldwide as a unique identifier for books.

• Don’t wait to start marketing until your book is finished. Start once you have completed your first draft with the graphic designer. Take advantage of social media to plug your book.

• Self-publishing can pay off in the end but you need to have your entrepreneurial hat on, or ask a friend who is good in marketing for advice.

• Any project seems daunting before you begin, the main kick start is just to start the project.

• Enjoy the journey and don’t rush your project.

Follow these tips and you will find the road to success as an author and publisher so much smoother! Best of luck in self-publishing your own book.

Check out Rocco Sorace’s second cookbook ‘Eat your way Slim‘ and his five fitness DVDs at

Rocco Sorace is an Australian-based inspirational Pilates fitness trainer, DVD presenter and home cook who is proud to announce the launch of his second cookbook: Eat your way Slim.

Eat your way Slim accompanies Rocco’s successful fitness DVD range with the aim of helping people understand that healthy eating can be convenient, simple, and most importantly taste great. In fact, Eat your way Slim explores a diverse range of recipes that are easy and stress-free to make.

Rocco states that “being healthy is a lifestyle choice that involves the way you think, eat, shop and treat your mind and body. It’s about getting the connection between all aspects of your life right.”

Growing up in Australia with Italian parents, Rocco experienced how important good fresh food is and how food is the nucleus that brings family and friends together.

Rocco has incorporated the SlendierSlim range in his cookbook as it is a low-calorie and low-carb pasta, rice, and noodle range made from an ancient Asian root vegetable called Konjac. SlendierSlim enabled Rocco to lose 5 kilos in 5 weeks – in time for filming his 5th DVD, The Body Transformation Program.

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