Workplace Pilates and Yoga classes
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Pilates makes you feel fantastic, inside and out.



Murdoch Children’s Research Institute



“Pilates is enjoyable and a great alternative to sitting at your desk! Pilates helps improve muscular and postural strength which is ideal when working in this environment.Rocco’s relaxed approach and enjoyable sessions make it a great way to spend your lunch break on a Monday afternoon.”
Alanna Human Resources Coordinator.Murdoch Childrens Research Institute. The Royal Children’s Hospital


Pilates is a mind and body fitness program to re-align and strengthen the body.Pilates is a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies fused together, using the mind and body connection to control all muscular movements in the body to enhance our awareness of how our bodies function.

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The ultimate mind and body workout! Get strong and get fit inside and out! Let this advanced Fitness Pilates mat based workout help tone your abdominal muscles, strengthen back muscles and improve your posture

Celebrity fitness and lifestyle trainer Rocco Sorace guides you through a series of mat-based exercise to help improve your fitness strength and flexibility as well as assisting your mental well-being by addressing stress and the demands of modern life.