Fitness in the workplace

Pilates and Yoga at Work

Start a fitness program at work!

Giving importance to employee health and encouraging fitness in the workplace can actually be extremely beneficial for employers. The endorphins released during exercise mean that employees have more self-confidence and energy, they have a more positive attitude when at work, and they are less stressed too.

You don’t want your employees to feel stressed when they come to your office, so this is something which you should be actively trying to avoid. There are many ways that you can do this, such as providing them with a comfortable desk and something like this office armchair – make sure that they feel like they have their own space. Have an open door policy, make them feel like they can talk to you, all of this will help them enjoy their job a lot more.

How do you encourage fitness? There are lots of different ways, but a wellbeing program is a very powerful way to do this. When done correctly, it allows companies to lower healthcare costs, improve their team’s overall health, and show employees that they are valued and cared about. This is all very important if you want to get the best out of your employees. Learn how rewards can be used to promote employee wellbeing at and see if there is something your company could do.

Further to that, we can travel to your workplace to run yoga, Pilates, meditation and fitness classes as well as provide exercise physiology services. Sessions can be arranged at a time that suits your workplace.
Pilates and Yoga improve circulation, digestion, muscle tone, strength and flexibility and both have a core connection and a mind / body element

Pilates is gentle on the joints yet challenging on muscles and you are always given options during the class enabling you to work at your own …

Thinking of starting yoga or Pilates at work?

Enquire with your HR manager now to start investing in a wellbeing program in 2019.

No budget for a wellbeing program?

No problem! Most of our corporate clients are in the same boat regarding wellbeing budgets. That is why we offer competitive and affordable classes from only $10 per class that can be partly or fully paid for by the employee.

All we need is a room and we look after the rest.

My team and I have over 15 years of experience working with corporations like Australian Unity, ANZ, Diabetes Australia and the Murdoch Institute.

Our focus is to improve employee health and wellbeing through Pilates/resistance classes as well as yoga and meditation.
Did you know, healthy employees are 3 times more productive than employees with poor health?

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Quick Zucchini ginger and Thai patties

Low Carb Quick Thai zucchini patties recipe by Rocco Sorace



One large shredded zucchini

Thai spices

One chopped spring onion finely

1 teaspoon of soy sauce

One cup of almond meal

Two table spoons of shredded ginger

Small buck of chopped Thai basil

4 eggs

Small can of corn

1 teaspoon of baking powder

Salt and pepper


One table spoon of olive oil


Mix All ingredients.

Spray olive oil into the tray or muffin trays and bake and bake for 15 minutes at 150°or until cooked. Serve with fish or Asian greens. 104 Cal, 3.2 Carbs Fat 7.9, protein 4.9g

How much sugar is in your breakfast?

Breaky is the meal we spend the least time planning and eating, yet it is so important  kick-starting our metabolism.

Bread with jam. Sugary cereal and milk with a glass of juice. Banana bread and a latte with sugar. If you ate any of these combinations for breakfast, chances are you were hungry a few hours later, craving sugar and increasing the risk of adding extra calories to your diet.

Did you know…

” Can you believe that Half a glass of juice contains as many calories as a piece of fruit without the dietary fiber usually. It doesn’t fill you up as well as a piece of fruit.”I’m very visual.. so have a look at the images below to help make you make the correct food choices in the mornings. 

So how much exercise I need to do after  consuming a high sugar breakfast to burn off?

Bad Breaky Sample  – people still think this is a healthy way to start their day,  believe it or not. 

Orange juice 6 teaspoons of sugar

Coffee with milk and sugar 2 teaspoons 

Gluten free cereal 4.5 teaspoons of sugar

Fruit Yogurt 5 teaspoons of sugar 

17.5 teaspoons of sugar = 30 mins jog or One hour power walking just to burn of breakfast. 

Healthy Breakfast ideas.


Smoothies can be a great breakfast option as long as you get the right mix of ingredients to avoid a complete calorie overload. Start with some fruit and vegetables, add your favorite milk and then remember that you need one other high-protein ingredient to make it a balanced meal — thick Greek yogurt or protein powder


Fruit yoghurt offers some protein and calcium but in many cases it also offers 20-30g of sugars and less than half the protein of a couple of eggs. If you love your yoghurt, the best option is a Greek-style yoghurt, in particular the ones that contain no added sugar and clock in at almost 20g of protein in a single serve. Or if you are really serious, you could try quark — a Swedish spin on yoghurt that naturally increases the protein content by three times, with just 1 per cent


Whether you enjoy them hard-boiled, poached with a slice or two of wholegrain toast or in an omelet, it is the 16-plus grams of protein found in a couple of eggs along with more than 20 other key nutrients that truly make them a superfood. When it comes to weight loss, it is known that consuming 20g of high-quality protein helps to control insulin levels, the hormone that controls fat metabolism in the body, and this is just one of the reasons eggs for breakfast are so closely linked to weight control.

Oats for more active people 

If you enjoy eating cooked oatmeal, a cup will have 166 calories, about 6 grams of protein, not quite 4 grams of fat and 28 grams of carbohydrates. … Mixing a 1/2-cup serving of uncooked oats with other foods, such as yogurt and berries will give you a more balanced breakfast while providing a reasonable level of calories

Warning! Very important 

It’s easy to eat too much oats and yoghurt , even of healthy foods, but if you keep in mind your portion control and follow the recommend serving size every morning. Enjoy your heathy breaky 

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Kind Regards,

Rocco Sorace.



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How I lost 5 kgs before my European holiday.

On the 24th of June, I decided to design my own style of Detox. My Four week Detox in which I didn’t drink any alcohol, increased my weekly cardio/resistance training and added extra yoga stretches.

Good news! I ate bread every morning!

That’s right… you heard me right 🙂
Adding spelt bread to your regular diet won’t magically result in weight loss, but eating it in place of other high-fat, less nutritious foods might help. Spelt is a nutty-flavored whole grain related to the durum wheat in whole-wheat bread. The ground spelt in spelt bread is rich in vitamins and minerals and has more fiber, protein and unsaturated fatty acids per serving than whole-wheat flour. To swap spelt flour for regular flour in a bread recipe, use the same amount of flour called for but decrease added liquids by 10 percent to 15 percent

Eat It Instead of Refined Carbohydrates
Choose spelt bread, not white bread, for your morning toast with low fat ricotta cheese and slice strawberries.

Eat It Instead of Refined Carbohydrates
Choose spelt bread, not white bread, for your morning toast or afternoon sandwich, and swap the regular pasta or white rice at dinner for a roll made from whole-grain spelt flour. High-fiber foods like spelt can help you feel fuller longer, leading you to consume fewer calories and possibly lose weight, says the National Institutes of Health. By contrast, the refined carbohydrates in white flour and white rice cause spikes and drops in your blood sugar that can leave you feeling hungry and craving more food.

High-fiber foods like spelt can help you feel fuller longer, leading you to consume fewer calories and possibly lose weight, says the National Institutes of Health. By contrast, the refined carbohydrates in white flour and white rice cause spikes and drops in your blood sugar that can leave you feeling hungry and craving more food.

My Top Five Tips for my 4 Week Detox.

1.Resreach and find a healthy local bakery that bakes fresh spelt bread. Most mornings have two or one slices of Spelt bread with ricotta cheese topped with strawberries. It’s important not to purchase processed bread from the supermarket.

2. Make the decision not to drink for 4 weeks and stick to it! The first 8 days may be difficult but trust me, once you stop drinking your body and skin will start to look healthier not to mention waking up feeling great and younger.

3. Follow my recipes form my E cookbook Eat your way slim for lunch and dinner.

h4. Follow my 5.3.2 training. The program helped me lose bodyfat and increase lean muscle.

5 cardio sessions
3 resistance training.
2 Pilates/yoga sessions. Down load my program now! Link below.

Available to download..Your Personal Trainer at Home – Bonus Pilates workout.

5. Drink Qi organic white tea instead off coffee and 8 glasses of water per day.

Good luck and happy detoxing.

Rocco 🙂

Mobile Personal Training

How can we motivate ourselves to exercise daily?

“Don’t be too hard on yourself; if you get off the fitness wagon, you just have to get back on.”

Dealing with Setbacks: How to Stay Motivated When Feeling Flat

How can we motivate ourselves to exercise daily?

According to websites like fitness goes hand-in-hand with living a healthy lifestyle, however, regardless of this, it is estimated that 60–70% of the Australian population does not engage in regular physical activity. The most common reasons as to why people fail to stick to a regular exercise regimen include lack of time, inability to get to a gym, lack of motivation, fear of injury, and misconceptions about exercise. Barriers such as these have caused a majority of us to sacrifice regular physical activity, an element that is as vital to our health and well-being as food, water, and shelter.

By taking a closer look at the barriers that keep us glued to our couches, I hope to help anyone out there who is struggling to overcome them. Here are some common excuses and ways to combat them on days you’re feeling flat:

“I don’t have the energy to exercise.”
It can be a struggle to get moving at times. But I can guarantee that once your body becomes accustomed to regular workouts, not only will your energy levels soar, but sitting still will become the struggle! I remember being new to exercise and sometimes dreading what lay ahead, but before I knew it, I began craving the workouts because I loved the way I felt afterwards.

“I don’t have enough time to exercise.”
One of the leading reasons many of us fail to stick to a regular exercise routine is the belief that we never have extra time. With the busy lifestyles most of us lead, it can seem almost impossible to fit in a workout every day. However, studies have shown that if we can commit 30 minutes a day to some form of physical activity, our health, well-being and productivity can improve dramatically.

I don’t believe there is anyone out there who is unable to dedicate just a half hour a day to their fitness, even if that means splitting 30 minutes into two sets of 15 minutes or three sets of 10. Whether it be taking the stairs instead of the lift to the office, taking a walk during your lunch break, kicking the footy or playing some Frisbee with the kids after work (I’m sure they would appreciate it!) or hiring a mobile trainer to train you at the destination/time of your choice, there are plenty of ways to keep active throughout the day.

When we exercise, endorphins (AKA ‘happy hormones’) are produced by and released into the body, causing an overall sense of happiness, relaxation and well-being. So if low energy levels are preventing you from staying active, focus on how fantastic you will feel if you instead were wide awake from working out!

“Exercise is boring…”
This is only the case if you choose boring activities! You wouldn’t wear the same clothes all week, or eat the same food every day, so if physical activity is as vital to our well-being as these things, why choose the same boring exercise?

Choose something you enjoy, whether it is dancing, a sport, or having a personal trainer provide you with a program that caters to your likes and dislikes. Ensure that you mix up your exercise routine so you are not taking part in the same activity every day (e.g., Monday night dance class, Wednesday night personal training session, Friday afternoon beach jog/walk). This way your mind stays motivated and your body stays challenged.

“Exercise is too painful”, or “I’m afraid I’ll injure myself”.
The old saying “no pain, no gain” is one that should be disregarded completely! Exercise DOES NOT and SHOULD NOT need to be painful to be beneficial and effective. Yes, it may be true that if you are training towards an elite level of fitness (such as an athlete or bodybuilder preparing for competition), you will need to endure a high level of intensive training. However, for those of us who wish to exercise for the sake of general health and happiness, a moderate level of activity will suffice.

Still, it is important that as fitness increases, the intensity of our workouts increase as well to ensure that our bodies continue to respond to the activity by getting stronger and more capable. You can do this on your own by increasing duration of activity, or number or sets per exercise. Or you may even do this by deciding to incorporate a bowflex workout routine into your home exercise session, as the equipment you can use it for allows you to try 100 different workouts, so you are bound to find a workout that meets your needs. Alternatively, a good personal trainer will be able to provide a program suited to your goals and adjust it according to increases in your fitness levels.

At NO stage throughout a workout should any pain be experienced, and if it is, the activity should be ceased immediately.

But there’s a difference between the pain of injury and the burn you feel when challenging your body. A great instructor once told a class I was participating in, “This is not pain. This is just necessary discomfort!”, and I think a life of looking and feeling fantastic is worth enduring a bit of “necessary discomfort.”

The barriers mentioned above are only a few of the ones that can prevent us from engaging in regular physical activity, and I have only offered several of the many ways you can overcome them.

The main idea is to work on changing your perspective to get the motivation you need. Next time you are tempted to put off your workout regimen until tomorrow or next week, remember all of the benefits of exercise awaiting you, pull on those trainers, and get yourself on the track towards achieving the optimal health, fitness and well-being you deserve!

PT at Home DVD review. Angley- working busy Mum.

Loved this work out.
Complete ‘whole body’ exercise class in the comfort of your own space and time. Easy to follow exercises with variations if needed. With the option to listen to your own music. No more excuses. Rocco is encouraging all the way! Highly recommend, have now included this in my weekly routine. Thank you Rocco

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Beating The Winter Blues.

You’ve probably heard exercise boosts mental health, but when you’re not feeling up for high-intensity spin class can you still reap some benefits from just walking the dog or walking with a friend?

Getting up and moving might be the last thing you feel like doing when you’re going through a rough patch. Bad feelings always seem better coupled with a Netflix binge than go for a power walk but a building body of evidence suggests switching binge tv watching for squats could be the secret to improving mind and body health.


Getting physical for mental wellbeing


Physical activity isn’t just great for physical health but a daily workout can change your mindset into a positive one. I’m guilty at times making up excuses not to go for a run or to the gym but each time I decide to get into my workout gear and do it I feel great and energised, not just right afterwards but throughout the rest of the day. It also helps me sleep better.

One way to encourage you to do more exercise is to invest in some comfortable gym clothes. By having new and comfortable clothes, you’ll feel more confident doing any sort of exercise. Depending on where you buying your gym gear, the price may vary but you can get some affordable pieces of clothing quite easily, especially if you use sites like to find coupons.

These guidelines recommend 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise every day for 13 to 17-year-olds. For over 18s, the guidelines are a bit looser and can start as low as 30 or so minutes of moderate activity per day.

The health benefits of regular exercise will be noticed in a short time. What’s more, the positive effects of regular exercise may last for a substantial period of time.

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How taking a catnap helps you live longer


A 45-minute catnap helps lower blood pressure, American researchers reported last week. They said a daytime snooze could improve heart health, particularly if you’re not getting as much sleep as you should at night.

This follows a recent six-year Greek study which found that people who took a 30-minute siesta at least three times a week appeared to have a 37 per cent lower risk of heart-related death.

The theory is that napping, by encouraging you to relax, reduces blood pressure


For years, napping has been derided as a sign of laziness. We are “caught” napping or “found asleep at the switch”. But lately it has garnered new respect, thanks to scientific evidence that midday dozing benefits both mental acuity and overall health.

A slew of recent studies have shown that naps boost alertness, creativity, mood, and productivity in the later hours of the day.

A nap of 30 minutes improves alertness for up to 10 hours. Research on pilots shows that a 26-minute “Nasa” nap in flight (while the plane is manned by a copilot) enhanced performance by 34% and overall alertness by 54%. One Harvard study published last year showed that a 45-minute nap improves learning and memory. Napping reduces stress and lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke, diabetes, and excessive weight gain.

Getting even the briefest nap is better than nothing. A 2008 study in Düsseldorf showed that the onset of sleep may trigger active memory processes that remain effective even if sleep is limited to only a few minutes. And last year, a British study suggested that just knowing a nap was coming was enough to lower blood pressure.

Naps make you brainier, healthier, safer. But to understand how you can nap best, you need to understand your body.


How long should you rest for?


In designing the optimal nap you need to grasp its potential components.

During sleep, your brain’s electrical activity goes through a five-phase cycle.

A short afternoon catnap of 20 minutes yields mostly Stage 2 sleep, which enhances alertness and concentration, elevates mood, and sharpens motor skills.

Limit your nap to 45 minutes or less, if you need to spring into action after dozing. Otherwise, you may drift into slow-wave sleep. Waking from this stage results in sleep inertia, that grogginess and disorientation that can last for half an hour or more.

So next time, listen to your body and mind and enjoy a 30 minute Cat nap and don’t feel guilty.

Happy napping,  Rocco 🙂


Zucchini & Sweet Potato Slice

Easy Healthy Zucchini & Sweet Potato Slice

Meal prepping is a must if you go to work, school or like to have healthy meals on hand at all times. Having healthy meals on hand will make your day and week run a lot smoother. This means you wont end up needing to purchase last-minute unhealthy fast food.


My slice works well either served hot or cold and makes the perfect work lunch. It would also work well with a salad on the side

Check out the Health Benefit.

The Health benefits of sweet potatoes including a protective role against prostate cancer, boosting immunity, and supporting vision.


9 Zucchini Nutrition Benefits

  • High Source of Antioxidants and Vitamin C.
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties that Can Improve Heart Health.
  • High Source of Potassium.
  • Help Improve Digestion.
  • Low in Calories and Carbs.
  • Helps Maintain Eye Health. .
  • Good Source of Energizing B Vitamins.
  • Can Help Control Diabetes.


  • 3-4 cups (600g) grated zucchini (about 3 medium).
  • 1 cup of sweet grated  potato.
  • 1/2 cup sliced mushrooms.
  • 1  Red Onion Sliced.
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Mixed Italian herbs
  • Salt and pepper
  • eggs.
  • 1 1/4 cup (140g) almond meal
  • 1 small red chilli, finely diced
  • 1 teaspoon of baking powder
  • 1/2 cup of almond flour or gluten free flour
  • Option. poppy seeds


 Preheat the oven to 175C/350F and line a 15 x 30 cm (6 x 12 inches) dish with baking paper.

Meanwhile, wash and grate the zucchini and sweet potato.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk the eggs and then stir through the almond meal, herbs, salt, pepper, oil and flour

Add the zucchini, potato, mushrooms, chilli and and mix well. The mixture should be just pourable.

Optional. Add Poppy seeds on top of mixture.

Pour into the lined baking dish and bake for 40 minutes or until cooked through. Leave to cool before slicing into small squares. The slice should last in the refrigerator for 3-4 days and will also freeze well.




Tips on how to be fit, healthy and live a long active life.

Everyone of us wants to be fit, healthy, and live a long active life. Right? But what do you do for it?

Well, we all know, that a healthy person doesn’t smoke, is at a healthy weight, exercises, and eats healthy. Sounds simple, but those who have tried changing their habits know how difficult it could be. Some people decide to make drastic changes, but when they face difficulties, they just lack motivation and give up.

The secret to healthy living is making small changes: a glass of water in the morning, more physical activity, optimistic point of view – these are just a few simple ways to improve your lifestyle. You should also always have health insurance so that in the event of an emergency, your medical costs are fully covered. This site,, outlines the benefits of having health insurance membership, which can save your life when you really need it. Small changes lead to big results!

1. Drink a Glass of Water in the Morning

Wake up in the morning and drink one glass of room temperature water first off. You can put a slice of lemon or lime in the water if you don’t like its natural taste. Water helps to clear our system, bring on metabolism rate, and flush out the toxins. Some people even say that it helps to reduce weight!

2. Sleep Enough

Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and angry, you can’t concentrate. Lack of sleep can damage your physical health (especially heart) as well. Some studies have shown that 8 hours of sleep per 24-hour period is the average requirement for adults. But all people are different and the need for sleep can range from 6 to 10 hours. If you feel sleepy from 4 pm and 6 pm, you probably do not get enough rest. Although busy lives and responsibilities can get in the way of having a longer sleep, it is important to try and make time for a good sleep. If you struggle to sleep, it might be worth considering changing some things to see if they help you to sleep for the recommended time. It could be a good idea to consider checking the age of your mattress. If the mattress is older than 7-10 years, it should really be changed for a new one as this could be the reason that you’re struggling to get a good sleep. By visiting a company like Simba, people should be able to find a comfortable mattress that will help them to fall asleep easily. Hopefully, this will help people to remain comfortable in their beds, allowing them to sleep for longer. It’s so important to try and get a good night’s sleep every night, so make sure you’re doing all you can to get those hours in.

3. Stretch in the Morning!

Instead of snoozing in the morning, you can use your time more wisely. Stretch your back, your legs, your neck. It will wake your body from sleep. Stretching in the morning increases blood flow to your muscles providing an extra shot of oxygen and preparing them for a new day. Practicing yoga is another good way to strengthen the muscles. Yoga involves a lot of stretching and if you’re a newbie in this field, you might want to check websites like to know more on how to stay fit using natural methods.

4. Take a Daily Walk

We all know about the advantages of physical activity, but most of us have neither time, nor desire to exercise. Use the stairs as often as possible instead of the elevator, take a walk with your friends, walk your dog a bit longer, than usually – use any possibility to be more physically active. Researchers say, that people only need to walk up to 19 km per week or for about 125 to 200 minutes per week to improve their heart health

5. Make Social Connections.

It is said that lonely people are more likely to become ill and die younger. People who have no friends are more stressed, depressed and often less physically active. Moreover, experts say that how socially connected a person tends to be is one of the most important ways of predicting his health and independence in later years

6. Study Ingredient Lists of Your Favorite Products.

The product’s ingredient list is very important as it shows you whether the food you’re about to buy contains unnatural and unhealthy ingredients. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of unhealthy ingredients on the market and it is almost impossible to remember all of them. Luckily, you can find a lot of information on the Internet about them, so study all of your favorite and most common foods, cosmetics, and other products you buy. Harmful ingredients may cause various diseases, allergic reactions, and even cancer

9. Find New Activities!

Pick up a new activity involving the whole family and friends such as hiking, group sports, skiing or riding a bicycle. Finding a hobby can give you enjoyment and reduce stress. You’ll also start meeting people who have the same interests as you and may make some new friend

Enjoy your new hobby and remember – happy people live longer!

10. Love Your Life!

Relax! Don’t get nervous and angry because of the trivial things. Don’t be too serious. Smile, love others, and always look on the bright side of life!

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Sitting in front of a computer and a smart phone every day can wreak havoc on your body, especially since most of us don’t have the best posture.

Hunching the shoulders and slumping in your seat can cause neck pain and back pain, headaches, tension, and tightness in your back, neck, and shoulders.

Studies show that regular stretching can help reduce neck and shoulder pain and they also show that regular breaks to stand and stretch increases productivity at the office.

Not only do you reduce pain and tension, but those flexibility breaks allow your eyes to rest and your entire body to feel more comfortable.

The following flexibility exercises are designed for office workouts with an emphasis on the neck, back, shoulders, hips, and glutes. Do them as often as you can and you’ll notice less tightness and maybe even more productivity.

Neck pain is a growing problem with the infiltration of technological advances: resulting in increased incidents of neck pain and injuries and wreaking havoc to people’s quality of life. The longer neck pain persists, the greater chances you will need to receive some form of treatment for it at some point in your life. However, if you feel as though you have already reached that point, you might want to Head To The Cadence Physical Therapy Company Site and get a consultation with one of their fully qualified doctors. This way, you can get to the bottom of your persistent neck pain and find some ways to eradicate it once and for all. If physical therapy isn’t for you, why not buy cannabis concentrates online and use that as a way to relieve the pain. Cannabis has some fantastic benefits so give it a try.


Text neck refers to the partially flexed neck position that our handheld devices have caused us to regularly adopt.

Sustained neck flexion will result in a muscular imbalance whereby the muscles on the front of the neck develop dominance over the muscles on the posterior aspect (back) of the neck. With computers, TV’s and now phones drawing our attention to the front of our body, we need to be aware and actively counter balancing to avoid any neck injuries resulting from the anterior muscular dominance.


  1. Avoid High Risk Situations – Every individual has their own unique “high risk situations” for poor neck posture. Some of the most common ones when neck posture is compromised include: texting, using mobile apps, using the computer, reading, driving etc.)
  1. Take Regular Breaks – Try to avoid looking at your phone or handheld device for a long consecutive block of time. Look up from time to time to give your neck a break.
  1. Actively Strengthen The Posterior Neck Muscles – It’s always important to seek individualised exercise advice with regards to neck strengthening due to the intricate nature of the neck anatomy. Posterior neck muscles are less often activated during activities of daily living so taking some time out to counteract the effects of handheld devices is vital.
  1. Be Proactive – Neck pain does not discriminate, even the strongest, most active people rarely give their neck enough attention. If you think you are at risk of neck pain or injury take some time to stretch and strengthen the neck musculature to prevent complications down the line.

Remember: Awareness of neck position, high risk situations and appropriate strengthening/stretching exercises can prevent many neck issues.

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Did you know…

Healthy employees are 3 times more productive than employees with poor health

There’s no better time to kick start a healthier lifestyle for your workforce than now!

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I’ve been doing Pilates classes in my lunch break once a week for the last 4 years. It’s a great way to break up the week and get some exercise on my lunch break. Vita’s classes are a great mix of strength and stretching based pilates exercises. Vita Health and Fitness instructors are always full of enthusiasm and keeps the class interesting and varied. The class is different and remains challenging
even if you go each week. I’d highly recommend Vita health and fitness lunch time classes.
Kimberly. Dietitian, Diabetes Victoria

“We have used Vita as a way to motivate and encourage our staff to have a holistic view of life. Rocco’s direction has been appreciated by staff who see the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy mind, body and spirit… We will continue to use Vita Fitness in the future.”
Julie Grills, Service Quality Manager, ANZ Adelaide.

“I’ve done pilates with other instructors before, however the the Vita Health and Fitness style is totally different. The exercises focus on your core plus cardio finishing with meditation. They are skilled and patient teachers… I would highly recommend pilates to anyone interested in improving their health.”

Sachin Prasad, Senior Business Analyst, Australian Unity.

Vita Health and Fitness has over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. At Vita, we focus on corporate employee programs and workshops that come to you, specialising in supporting your employees to be mindful, healthy and productive in the workplace.
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